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The Frozen Basil Tenth Annual Poker Ski
When: Saturday Feb 27th at Noon
Start: The Flying Squirrel
Finish: The Denali Brew Pub
Due to Covid-19, there are a few changes this year. Most importantly, bring a
mask to wear inside the participating venues and please respect the protocols
in place at these establishments. At the beginning when signing up at The
Flying Squirrel, you will need to head outside after ordering any food or
beverages, receiving your card and dropping off your contribution to the pot.
At the end when checking in at the Denali Brew Pub, there will be a table
outside on the deck for drawing your last card. You should do this first before
heading inside to order any food or beverages. The divvying up of the pot by
the winners will take place outside on the deck.
This is not a race. Any skis are welcome. A few sections of the course are a
little challenging so be careful. When in doubt, take your skis off and walk
down the hills. The idea is to collect one card at each of 5 stops. The pot is split
between the highest and lowest hands (high hand gets first pick from the
goods). There will be a separate pot for Junior Nordic skiers. There is no entry
fee but you must donate something to the pot (cash, funny gift, use your
Total length of the ski is about 7.5 miles. There will be an opportunity to
purchase food and beverages at the participating venues but you should plan
to bring a daypack/buttpack with some water and a few snacks. Again, please
remember to wear your mask when inside these venues and please respect
their protocols. Also, for those of you who have participated in the past, please
take note that there are two venue changes this year: the fourth stop will be
North Shore Cyclery and the final stop will be Denali Brew Pub. Don’t forget
to bring some cash and an I.D. too. Maps will be available at the start. For
more information contact Kris Perry: 733-6100.