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Junior Nordic

Denali Junior Nordic

Since 1992, the DNSC has sponsored the Junior Nordic Program as a means of connecting local kids with the outdoors through the wonderful past time of skiing. The Junior Nordic program is not affiliated with the public schools and is open to all children starting in Kindergarten (a parent must attend if your child is very young or be likely to need your help).

Simply through the act of playing, kids learn to ski before they “comprehend” what they are doing, and the terrain itself teaches better than most people do. We wait until the days get a little longer and the snow deeper to begin our program which runs until late March.

Aug 2018


For Who

Children in grades K­6 may participate. If they are younger than first grade or have special needs they must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting Times/Dates

We will meet on Wednesdays (Jan 11th – March 1st) from 2:45 to approximately 4:30 pm at Ski Hill or other designated trail. Finish times on touring days are dependent on length of trails we ski. Parents will be notified in advance about changes in pick­up times and locations of ski tours.
** make­up day for bad weather: March 8th **Season’s end Ski Hill Fun and Games and Ski Potluck TBA (probably March 8th or 22nd)

Calling All Volunteers!!

I would love to have at least 2­-3 parent volunteers at every practice. If you can help out on a few or all! ­ Wednesdays, please let me know!!

Registration and Cost

The season cost per child is 25 dollars. Either the child or family must be a member of the nordic club. A child membership costs 15 dollars. A family membership is 30 dollars.


Parents will be in charge of getting their skier to and picking their skier up from the ski site. Carpooling is essential for parents who have to work, so if you are a parent that can drive at that time and can take extra skiers in your vehicle, that would be appreciated by all!

The Coach

If you have questions call/text Aubrey Smith
phone: 435-231-2247
email aubrey99664@gmail.com

What to bring to practice

Being properly dressed for the weather is essential! This includes: a hat, gloves/mittens, outer shell, insulating layers, and warm polypro or wool socks. Children should bring their own water bottle and a snack, carried in their own day pack. Bringing their own cup (for provided hot drinks) is encouraged but not essential. A snack will be supplied at around 3: 30 PM at each practice.


Please mark all equipment/gear/clothing with your name!


At the Junior level, skis should be relatively short and seldom more than head height. For initial, on snow play, the shorter the ski the better. These kids really get zipping around! IT’S MUCH BETTER FOR KIDS TO GROW OUT OF SKIS, THAN TO GROW INTO SKIS. It’s only later, as they stride better and ski faster, that they need extra length.
Waxless(“fishscale”) skis are required. Maximum ski length should be wrist ­height when child’s arm is stretched toward ceiling, but even shorter for young or beginning skiers. Pole length should be the top of the shoulder. Boot/binding system should be Salomon or Rottefella (NNN).

Binding / Boots

The most reliable bindings have a visible lever that you can lift up to open and down to close. Brand names are NNN and Solomon. If you have Solomon boots, you need Solomon bindings and if you have NNN boots, you need NNN bindings. There seem to be more choices in the NNN system. It is better not to have boots that are tight because they will not be as warm as boots with a little room .


The key to a happy skier is being warm enough for the activity, but able to peel off/add clothing as they warm up or cool down. You can do this by LAYERING: lightweight polypro long underwear next to skin, followed by an outer shell layer that protects from wind.
Avoid cotton if at all possible! Cotton gets cold when it gets wet. For very cold days: Mittens are better than gloves. You can also wear a neck gaiter/buff(very effective at keeping in warmth!), extra socks, thicker snow pants/coat, and overboots.