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Simple Steps For Waxing

We will assume that you have the right size skis and that the bases are in good condition: flat and textured, with no major gouges. If you neglected to protect your bases last spring and they now look white and fuzzy ( oxidized), they need to be scraped, ground, or sanded for optimum performance. If all is well, then follow these simple steps………
1) Use a wire brush (brass/bronze/copper) to clean out the texture. Brush from tip to tail about 3-5 times.
2) Fibertex pad, or green nylon scrub pad, from tip to tail about 3-5 times. This removes small “fuzzies” that can create drag.
3) Clean the base by waxing, then scraping from tip to tail while the wax is still warm. Use yellow glide wax and a sharp scraper. This removes dirt and opens up the pores of your bases in preparation for your glide wax.
4) Brush from tip to tail about 4-8 times with a nylon brush .
5) Depending on the hardness of the wax, either crayon it on, or drip it on the base from an iron. Use enough wax to protect the base from the hot iron. Now, use the iron to iron the wax in. Remember: never touch your hot iron to the base without a layer of wax for protection. The iron should be hot enough to melt the wax without it smoking.
6) Cool the ski for 30-45 minutes if you have time. Better yet, let it absorb overnight and scrape it in the morning. Hard wax may need to be scraped while still warm.
7) Scrape with a sharp scraper from tip to tail and clean the groove and the edges of wax.
8) Brush from tip to tail with a horsehair brush.
9) Protect your skis with ski bones.
10) Enjoy your glide!
Supplies: Waxing form or bench, iron, wax, brushes (brass, nylon, horsehair), scraper, fibertex or scrubby.