Information About Skiing Talkeetna’s Trails


  • Fish Lake; this includes a small overland section from the new Borough parking lot onto the lake.
  • Ski Hill. This hilly trail is accessed via the Overlook parking lot (mile 12.5) You need to walk the bike path south to the trail entrance which is almost opposite the entrance to the Talkeetna Alaska Lodge
  • Talkeetna Elementary School – short, flat, through the woods
  • We try and groom a trail from the Whigmi Road parking lot east to Section Line, Heart and Inlet lakes. In good snow years we will go to the glacial erratic; these are within the Talkeetna Lakes Park.
  • We help out with grooming Borough trails… especially if it snows on weekends.
  • There are many areas where our trails cross, or abut private property. Please respect all private property and posted signs.
  • Trails within the Talkeetna Lakes park. These are the wide skate/classic trails through the woods. They are accessed via the Comsat and Whigmi Road trailheads.
  • Groomed skate and classic loops on X Y Z and Tigger Lakes when conditions allow.
  • Both DNSC and the Borough update the DNSC Facebook page regularly. Please add your own report to our FB page.
  • DNSC updates SNOWIO (bookmark this please) which is a resource on trail conditions statewide. Any Snowio reports for Talkeetna automatically post on the home page of our website!
  • YOU can help by adding your own report to Snowio and making sure to tag with “Talkeetna Area Trails” or “Talkeetna Lakes Park.” The Borough groomers do not update using Snowio but sometimes I try to cut and paste their report or add my own.
    There is a parking lot just north of the lake. The distance to the lake from the parking lot is .7 miles and there is one uphill from the creek and one downhill to the lake.
    From the lot there is a narrow-ish trail that goes due east for about 50 yards. This joins a snow machined “road”. Stay straight and soon you will cross a creek on a bridge and go up a hill. At the top of the hill turn right on a wide ski trail and follow this a short way to the next Y, then turn right again. Follow the trail down to the lake itself. There is no other legal access to the lake. The club grooms a wide skate lane and classic track that roughly follows the perimeter of the lake; approximately two miles.
    We are working on improving access, stay tuned.

    The Talkeetna Lakes hiking trail is a almost 3 mile loop. It is a hilly, single track and dog friendly.

    The following lakes allow dogs:

  1. X, Y and Z Lakes (there are connector trails from lake to lake)
  2. Tigger Lake (there is a connector trail from Tigger to Z lake)
  3. A trail from the Whigmi parking lot east to Section Line lake and north to Heart and Inlet lake.
  4. Fish Lake (there is a dedicated musher trail on the outer edge for skijorers and dog teams)

NO dogs or bikes permitted on the Nordic ski loops (Marten, Mink and Otter.) Any trail with a classic track is for skiing only.

NO Dogs on the Ski Hill trail.

Scroll down to see some maps. We realize that these are lacking all of the information you might like/need. Click on the Master Plan. This map shows current and future trails and will give you a good idea of the area and the lake and feature names.

  • Click here for a recent map. All of these trails are not in yet but it does give an overview of the possible trails. (The erratic trail is not in yet)
  • Are you good with maps and websites? If so, we could use some help getting better maps onto our site. Contact me directly if you can help.
  • Maps and website; see above.
  • Please use FB and Snowio to post your report of conditions, downed trees, awesome times on the Talkeetna area trails . It’s easy and fun!
  • MEMBERSHIP. PLEASE RENEW (and thanks to those who already have) It is one part of what fills our snowmachines with gasoline to groom trails.

This is by no means are all of the trails in the area but the ones that are reliably groomed.